It is said that camping helps people relief stress, increases self confidence and encourages an appreciation for nature.
We all need some fresh air once in a while to get away from the busy life and it is a time where you can bond with loved ones and also reflect on the preciousness of life.


DesignPark constantly seeks to develop new ways to provide a safe and happy life; therefore we launched the Modern Igloo. Modern Igloo was developed to provide a glamorous and comfortable way of camping, not needing to worry about carrying and setting up tents or getting it damaged or be flown away by the wind.

This specially designed camping facility is modular, possible to change it in to various shapes such as cafeterias and ticket booths etc.
Its durable materials provide protection against natural elements, and lets you enjoy the outdoor views and stars in the comfort of the Modern Igloo.


To make things even better, DesignPark is soon expected

to release our 2nd generation Modern Igloo, adding new improved materials which help with heat insulation and a carefully though design that improves water fall circulation.

This new innovative 2nd generation design is easier to install assemble and transport and shows off a more modern and fine look. With the 2nd generation

Modern Igloo, DesignPark seeks to revolutionize the way of conventional camping, providing a more comfortable, durable, and luxurious facility where customers can feel safe in and enjoy the outdoors with family and loved ones.